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Application Guidelines

What we fund

The Open Wing Alliance provides one-year grants of up to USD 50,000 in support of institutional cage-free and broiler welfare campaign work. We do not currently fund projects outside of this scope. Due to our non-profit status, we are unable to fund legislative work or activities. We do not provide funds for the operation of cage-free facilities or for any projects that involve the farming of animals.

The majority of our grants prioritize funding full-time campaign and corporate relations staff positions. Grant funds also support costs associated with institutional campaigns, such as program expansion, travel, legal counseling, campaign materials, digital design, printing, and more.

Who can apply

Applicants must be existing members of the Open Wing Alliance in order to apply for funding. Membership in the Alliance requires an application, which may be filled out at the time of the grant application. There are no fees to apply to the Alliance or to become a member. Membership benefits include access to OWA training resources and guidance in corporate relations and institutional campaign work.

Grant applications are open to all Alliance members, including those who are previous or current grant OWA recipients. Grant funds are limited, and membership in the Alliance is not a guarantee of funding.

Grantmaking Process

Application deadline: October 30

Applications are accepted throughout the year and must be received by October 30. If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday in your country, applications will be due by the next business day.

After Open Wing Alliance staff review all applications, we invite selected applicants to a video meeting to further discuss their proposals and respond to any questions. Video meetings last 50 minutes and take place by mid-December.

Grant decisions are made by a Grant Review Board that includes Open Wing Alliance staff members and the President of The Humane League. All candidates will be notified of the status of their applications in the first quarter of 2020. The grant period will begin March 1 and last for one year.

The Open Wing Alliance publicizes short summaries of each grant on its website. All summaries are approved by recipient organisations before being posted.

Evaluation Criteria

Applications are reviewed according to the following criteria. We do not expect all applicants to be able to answer ‘Yes’ to all of the questions below, but we have found that a greater number of ‘Yes’ answers results in stronger proposals. Do your best, and let us know if you have any questions!

Vision/Mission - Are the applicant’s mission and project proposal clear? Do they align with OWA’s focus on institutional cage-free and broiler welfare campaign work?

Resources - Does the organisation have the capacity, a network, strong leadership, and the ability to cultivate resources for the proposed project?

Expansion to neglected areas - Would funding this organization result in an expansion of cage-free campaign work in a country or region where this type of work is currently underrepresented?

Budget - Is the amount justifiable? Will the requested funds meet the needs of the proposal? Without OWA funding, what is the likelihood that this work would happen?

Practicality - Is the proposed plan feasible? Does the applicant present a strong argument and evidence to support the plan, along with an outline of a realistic implementation plan?

Measurement - Can the progress of the proposed project be measured, and has the applicant provided examples of how it will measure its progress?

References - Does the applicant have a strong track record, past success, or recommendations from trusted groups or individuals?

Impact - Is there the possibility for the project to have a high impact? Have potential impacts been identified? (Examples of high-impact projects include: banning cages in an entire country; improving welfare of a large number of animals; expanding campaigns to strategic areas, etc.)

How to Apply and What to Expect

If your organisation is interested in applying for a grant, or membership and a grant, please apply using this link.

In order to maintain an equitable application process, we require that all grant submissions be received by October 30. All applications received after the deadline will be held for consideration in the subsequent grant cycle. We reserve the right to offer an extension for the grant application deadline in extenuating circumstances; if you find yourself in such a situation, please contact to discuss your options.

Grantee Requirements & Responsibilities

All selected grantees will be required to sign a formal grant agreement and provide a document outlining their annual campaign goals. Grantees are required to submit quarterly progress reports and participate in a minimum of three video meetings with Open Wing Alliance staff throughout the grant period: after the first month, at six months, and at the end of the grant period. The purpose of these meetings will be to set goals and track progress as well as to provide additional support to grantees as needed.

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